EIT Health Innovation Educators Network

In collaboration with Imperial, IESE, CPH, EIT Health and The GENiE Group

EITHiEN 2019 Conference
Imperial College, London 17-20 October 2019

Health care needs innovation, innovation needs innovators and leaders,
who in turn need skills and tools – the job of education!

EITHiEN – EITHealth Innovation Educators Network

EITHiEN was created to enable educators better equip the health innovators with knowledge and skills to realise the full potential of innovation.

In 2012, Dr Regina Herzlinger’s1 laid out the gap in training and education of the health innovator, which hampers both the realization of the full potential of health innovation, and the ability of health care systems to respond to current and future challenges. Increasing challenges of health care and systems evidence the importance of innovation and education has to adapt to the challenges faced by the health innovators.

EITHiEN addresses the educational challenges in health innovation, with a joint space for sharing innovative educational knowledge, contents and successful experiences among peers and co-create new solutions.

EITHiEN provides a range of opportunities for educators to jointly review, discuss and co-create new educational concepts, content and delivery methods in a creative environment to find best response to skills needs of the Health Innovator.

EITHiEN organises a variety of initiatives to support the EITHiEN educator: the annual EITHiEN conference, a top level interactive Train the Trainer Workshop, focused work in specific topic groups to allow professionals exchange in their field of interest. The Innostar’s ‘High Potential Regions’, event is specially aimed at the educational partners in the Innostars / RIS network. The EITHiEN Working Groups on specific topics of interest for Health Innovation educators and the peer to peer mentor network, with the possibility to interact and exchange informally.

The EITHiEN platform will allow working and networking across geographical and institutional boundaries, with space reserved for the working groups, and mentoring matching function.

  • 1 Herzlinger, R. (2012). Benchmarks for Confronting the Challenges for Innovation in Healthcare with a Modern Curriculum. 21st-Century Health Care Management Education: Confronting Challenges for Innovation with a Modern Curriculum, Harvard Business School.


EITHiEN conference 2019, 17-18 October 2019, London, UK

The EITHiEN Conference is aimed at all health innovation academics and leaders from EU and beyond to collaborate in exciting innovation education programs to foster real change than can be measured. It will provide a space for dialogue between educators and innovation leaders in health systems, the business, medical and science fields.

We will look into a set of key topics developed by key opinion leaders in dedicated Working Groups. As a continuation of previous years, we will count on the valuable collaboration of Regina Herzlinger, Professor at Harvard Business School and founder of the GENiE group.

EITHIEN Conf 2019 Final Agenda


EIT Health Partners and others are invited to prepare a poster on their innovative education activities aimed at the “Global Health Innovator”.
Venue: Imperial College Business School

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Previous conferences

EIT Health –GENiE conference 2018 – Second European GENiE conference

Together with EIT Health, the second european GENiE conference 2018 gathered participants working with health care innovation from all over the world. The 2018 conference took place on 18-21 October 2018 at Copenhagen Business School.


EIT Health –GENiE conference 2017

In 2017, the GENiE and EIT Health collaboration initatied in 2016 was consolidated in the co-organisation of the GENiE conference 2017 on 6–7 October 2017 held at Harvard Business School (HBS).


EIT Health –GENiE conference 2016, First European GENiE conference

EIT Health GENiE is the successful implementation of the first European GENiE Conference, co-branded EIT Health at IESE Business School Barcelona, bringing together health innovation educators from all over the world as the first step in a GENiE EIT Health collaboration.

GENiE, the Global Educators Network for Health Innovation Education,(www.thegeniegroup.org) was created by Regina Herzlinger (HBS) in 2012 to make innovation a central part of the education of the future leaders in health care. After three major conferences of stakeholders at Harvard Business School (2012), Duke University (2013) and UAB, Birmingham, Alabama (2014), the first European edition was hosted on 25–26 October 2016 by IESE Business School in Barcelona, in collaboration with EIT Health.


Train the Trainer

TtT Workshop 2019, 19-20 October 2019, London, UK

To make innovation happen and realise its full potential in health care, innovation leaders in industry and with care providers need particular knowledge, skills and understanding. However, relevant educational institutions and systems can improve much in offering capacity building that’s focusing on the skills that recruiters seek, firms demand, and health care needs. Health care management education too often relies on conservative methods, such as classroom lectures that emphasize the abstract “should” of health care innovation and that do little to prepare leaders for “how” to implement or sustain innovation.

Today’s health care professionals and leaders need effective, practical, action-oriented guidance to learn how to analyse the feasibility of a proposed innovation and then craft the strategic, leadership, and organizational skills to “make it happen”.

The GENiE Group will host the two-days “The Teach the Teacher” workshop, bringing fresh concepts in ideation, pedagogy, and case method teaching to educators and trainers in health care. The two-days workshop has a cost of US$325 and will be collected directly by The GENiE Group in the link below.



Education Working Groups

EITHiEN has set up seven dedicated Working groups with the aim to provide a space for intellectual leaders and educators to jointly reflect, discuss, exchange and explore new ways/formats of innovation education. The working groups will be active from June 2019 and the outputs will be shared with the EIT Health community at the EITHiEN conference 2019.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is about healthcare processes: bringing together excellent professionals, great innovations and other resources in a high quality and efficient way to make a real difference for patients. There are three dimensions:

  • Technical and knowledge excellence.
  • Excellence in processes and vertical and horizontal integration.
  • Excellence in service to patients and family members.

Led by: Jaume Ribera, IESE Business School

Patient Innovation

Patients, as well as their informal caregivers, quite often develop sophisticated medical devices and services to help them cope with their diseases. This phenomenon understudied, despite the fact that its magnitude is rapidly growing (e.g. the Patient innovation platform alone has collected over 1000 innovative medical solutions developed by patient innovators). This working group focuses on developing materials to help students further understand the role of patients/caregivers as developers or co-creators or new products and services, as well as entrepreneurs.

Led by: Pedro Oliveira, Copenhagen Business School

Innovation Management

how to drive innovation in a complex sector, implementing and sustaining innovation in health care and its organizations. Looking into factors influencing adoption and diffusion, role of the different actors; public vs. private roles. Apply lessons on technology and innovation management to health care.

Led by: James Barlow, Imperial Business School

Digital Transformation

How to teach the impact of new technologies, what are the new tools and how to build new business models around them. What does Machine learning, artificial intelligence, ‘Big Data’ mean for health care. How do existing institutions take it up and adapt. Develop new case, engaging students, designing exciting courses. Link to the EIT Health Think Tank on Big Data in Health Care.

Led by: Kevin Schulman, Stanford GSB, Clinical Excellence Research Center

Innovation in Global Health

Assess how the needs of the Global Health Innovator to gain in knowledge, insights and skills to make a real difference in Global Health, designing and implementing innovative business models in different and complex settings. Joining forces between global health and business schools, enabling faculty to learn across the north south divide: attracting global innovators, design-exciting programmes, learning from local contexts, in terms of generating new ideas, on how global challenges are addressed locally. Innovating in education, blending presential and virtual delivery methods, and making it sustainable .

Led by: Nuria Casamitjana, ISGlobal, University of Barcelona

Women Entrepreneurship

The health sector traditionally has the highest female workforce, however not in executive positions, even though women tend to be excellent leaders, focusing on impact, the greater good and the community. Linked to the WE Health, a strategic EIT Health Campus project, we will review the specific needs of Women innovators, assess how to empower women entrepreneurs and innovators, create specific business case studies, address the issue of the role models, and reflect on specific needs of Women faculty and how to address them.

Led by: Severine Leloarne, Grenoble Ecole de Management

Designing for Outcomes

For health and social care systems to be more sustainable, effective and efficient, resources must be allocated from an outcomes based perspective as opposed to activity. To achieve this vision, public sector commissioners, who hold the key to spending, must do the following: move to seamless care considering social determinants of health; procure those services through outcomes based contracting; and aggregate those outcomes to achieve greater impact over longer commissioning cycles. The outcomes WG will explore how to accelerate this mindset change across commissioning organizations in these three strategic objectives.

Led byShabs Rajasekharan, SmarterFutures / Anant Jani, University of Oxford

If you think you can contribute to one of the WGs please submit your expression of interest at crhim@iese.edu.

EITHiEN Platform

EITHiEN team is developing the EITHiEN Platform. The platform aims to strengthen the EITHiEN community allowing EITHiEN educators to have a virtual space for interaction with peers, to joint dedicated topic groups, and seek for individual and group support and allow collaboration among educators with different degree of experience.

The EITHiEN Platform is in development. Expected launch date October 2019


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